911 emergency line community education sessions planned

The first of a series of 911 Emergency Line Community Education sessions on will take place on  Wednesday, April 26 in Sherman Park at St. Joseph Hospital.

“Because most people face emergency situations only rarely and lack firsthand experience with 911, they may be uncertain of the processes, policies and procedures that they should expect when they call for help,” Alderman Stamper said. “I would encourage all of my neighbors to come out and learn how the system works so they can be better prepared for when emergencies occur.”

Alderman Stamper said that 911 call centers follow protocols that guide callers through a sequence of questions to quickly obtain the necessary information for dispatching the appropriate personnel to the correct location.

Operators may also provide instructions about what to do until help arrives. Even though protocols are designed to help operators reassure callers and calm the situation, the experience can be stressful for a 911 caller who is not accustomed to dealing with emergencies.

What:       911 Emergency Line Community Education Series

When:       Wednesday, April 26 at 5:30 p.m.

Where:     St. Joseph Hospital, 5000 W. Chambers St.

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