911 calls released on Glendale carjacking

A compilation of emergency calls and dash cam video have been released in the Glendale Police officer’s encounter with the wanted carjacking suspect. 
Here is the 911 transcript:
911 caller: a guy has a gun. black Porsche. brand new.
officer: south of the squad. south of the squad.
dispatch: 10-4.
officer: somebody hit, dispatch.
officer: shots fired. shots fired.
The officer was involved in a chase of carjacking suspect from a Glendale car dealership back on August 1.
The lead officer bleeding from the head still manages to fire his weapon to the stop the suspect.
But the danger's not over yet a back up officer soon realizes there's at least one firearm out there dumped by the suspect.
The officer suffered a wound to his right forehead with debris and shrapnel after the suspect fired 13 shots at him, according to the prosecutor.
Despite all that fire power, nobody in the neighborhood was hit.
The defendant was struck in the thigh.
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