911 callers panic after witnessing truck falling 70 feet in Zoo Interchange

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- CBS 58 obtained the audio of the 911 calls seconds after a truck fell from the Zoo Interchange ramp. Richard Lee Oliver was the driver. He survived.

“I was on the highway going towards the off-ramp. A car just flipped off the off-ramp, it's like a big drop," a 911 caller said. “There was a car that literally drove off the highway, up above, and landed in the snowbank, a red truck."

It was a race against time. Viewers can hear people calling police non-stop as they witnessed a red pickup truck falling 70 feet.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office says the truck skidded off the south Zoo Interchange ramp Saturday morning.

Officials say Richard Lee Oliver lost control of the truck.

“Oh my heart is pounding, OK, we’re going to get our deputies out there," another caller said.

The truck landed in the direction of I-94 westbound, through traffic.

Thankfully, the truck did not hit any other cars below.

The 911 callers were still in panic.

“If you’re heading east, it’s on the exit of I-41 that heads north and south, the way to go south, someone just fell off the side of the highway," a caller said. 

“It ran up into the snowbank, correct yes, it fell off the off-ramp," another caller said. 

CBS 58 has learned that Oliver is in satisfactory condition.

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