9 Year old shot fighting to see 10th birthday


Za'layia Jenkins 10th birthday will be her biggest one yet and quite possibly the most important one she'll ever have.
"She's going to be 10 she's a big girl, shes a fighter. Anybody know la la know shes a fighter," says cousin Jon Jones
 Her cousin Jon Jones and other family members put up signs letting people know about a march they're having for the little girl, even though she wont be there.
"She loves to be outside, she would have loved to be in a march. And for her birthday this is special to her," says Jones.
  The walk will begin on 15th and Meineke where Zalayia was inside her own home on May 5th when dozens of bullets from a shootout went flying.
 One of them went through a double pane window and metal table into the little girls head.   
"The status is okay, she is still here. She isn't going anywhere. She is still here," says Jones.
 Jones says after doctors removed tubes from her head where swelling has gone down and they're testing her brain function.
 More good news. He says, she started moving - and responding to a doctors touch.
"She's the leader of all the kids. So with the leader down everybody else is down," says Jones.
However,  he says they're hoping a march where hundreds will walk freely - forgetting about the threat of violence will lift spirits.
Maybe even encourage somebody to come forward.
"It's for the shooting victims, people that's fighters. Any information will help," says Jones.

The walk will be on 15th and Meineke on March 17, 2016 starting at 4pm. Here is the link to the family's GOFUNDME https://www.gofundme.com/23mzr37w

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