9-Year-Old Boy Kicked and Punched by Stranger at Motel

A 9-year-old boy was allegedly kicked and punched by a strange man at a Country Inn Motel in Caledonia.

Jon Stempe, from Racine, has been charged with physical abuse of a child, two counts of disorderly conduct and threat to law enforcement officer.

According to the criminal complaint, the boy was outside with his brother when Stempe came out of his room and started accusing them of smoking something. The boys told police Stempe then charged at them.

He began kicking the boys and punching. The boys’ father came and got the boys.

According to the complaint, the father went to the motel office and Stempe followed him.

Police reported Stempe to have a strong odor of intoxicants on his breath and was raising his arms up making strange motions. On his way to jail, Stempe allegedly made threats against the officer. 

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