9 electric buses officially launch in Racine

NOW: 9 electric buses officially launch in Racine

RACINE, Wis (CBS 58) -- Nine electric buses are officially on the streets of Racine. Now, 25% of Racine's transit fleet are electrified, making it the largest electric fleet in the Wisconsin. 

Governor Tony Evers joined Racine city officials for the launch Wednesday morning, April 27, at the at the historic Corinne Reid Owens Transit Center. 

The city of Racine received more than $9 million dollars in grant money to make the buses come to fruition. Racine was the only city in the state to receive this allocation, and one of only 41 other transit jurisdictions nationwide to receive this funding.  

"We're also going to have sustainability, we are going to save $60,000 a year on diesel a year at least," said Trevor Jung, Transit manager, City of Racine. 

It's an effort largely supported by Gov. Evers. 

"We can now face a future where we don’t have to choose between climate change and protecting our environment and good paying jobs and economic development."  

The buses create a pathway to a greener future in the cheese state. 

"A strong public transportation system is one of the most important assets a community can have. Folks depending on public transportation for everything from getting to work, getting to school safely, going to the doctor and getting groceries," said Evers. 

Representative Greta Neubauer Assembly District 66 (D - Racine) also supports this initiative.

"It's far past time that we implement ideas like this across Wisconsin to make sure that we cannot only weather the employment crisis and make sure the future generations thrive in a green economy."  

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