89th homicide victim shot in broad daylight

Police search for the shooter in Milwaukee's 89th homicide. The 26-year-old victim was shot in broad daylight.

Lenward Hicks, the uncle of the victim says his 26-year-old nephew was still alive after the shooting. 

Hicks says, \"He was out she gave him mouth to mouth and he came back.\"

Police say he died soon after. A woman who knew the victim, and two children, narrowly missed flying bullets. His family is now grieving for the loss of their loved one, another victim to the violence on the streets. 

Hicks says, \"We have a big family they all loved him and they're going to miss him. They're all out here now broken hearted.\"

Carlos Dixon, a young adult who lives in the area has had enough.

Dixon says, \"The community as a whole we are making horrible decisions yes, but hey it's a class war out here man.\"

He says it's time for the community to wake up.

Dixon says, \"A man just got killed here. Someone else is going to get killed later tonight and tomorrow, until we really start caring about it.\"

Others like Ada Rivera who has lived here for decades, is numb.

Rivera says, \"I just heard seven shots and that was it. They shoot over there all the time.\"

With the shooter still on the loose, police take comfort in knowing more people, including the children, weren't hit.

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