7 Common Snapping Turtles Surrendered to Waukesha County Animal Shelter

The Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha had 7 Common Snapping Turtles \"surrendered\" to them after people were keeping them as pets for years, but no longer wanted them.

The Wildlife in Need Center in Oconomowoc stresses the fact that wildlife isn't meant to be kept as pets. They encourage people to call a rehabilitator if they find a wild animal that needs help instead of attempting to keep it as a pet.

In this situation, several of the turtles have injuries from improper care.

With some wound treatment and proper husbandry, the Wildlife in Need Center should be available to rehabilitate them. The center will evaluate their ability to swim/dive, recognize natural foods, and avoid people. If all goes well, they will be released. 

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