63-Year-Old Man Maxes out Credit Cards After Falling Victim to Online Job Scam

JACKSON - A 63-year-old Jackson resident is on the hook for over 15 thousand dollars following an online job scam.

On December 12th, the man had applied for various jobs online. He received an email from a company that offered him a position involving purchasing items in the United States from local retailers, and sending those items to customers in Europe who had requested the purchases. After a two-week probation period, he was told he would be provided with regular pay and a company credit card. 

For the first two weeks, he was provided with a routing number for a bank account. His contact at the alleged company with whom he only dealt with via emails, told him to buy various gift cards in large denominations. He was to scratch off the back of the gift cards and provide the numbers to his "supervisor." The man was told that the gift cards were to be purchased on his personal credit card which would be reimbursed from the bank account number that was provided to him.

The victim maxed out his credit cards on several occasions. Each time, he was told that funds would be distributed from the bank account. Later, it was found that the account was fraudulent and he was on the hook for $15,200 plus interest.

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