50 Students from Job Corps Center March For Peace in Milwaukee

After an especially violent time for gun crime in Milwaukee this past August and the unrest in Sherman Park, the question that followed was obvious; would the community come together? In particular the young people. Today, the answer was loud and clear.

With chants of "We want peace" and marching to the beat of several snare drums, about 50 students from the Milwaukee Job Corps Center didn't let the rain stop them from their demonstration.

Their message of non-violence extended from gun crime to the issue of bullying.

They hoped their actions would debunk any notion that young people are not inspired or motivated.

"People are here to support and help them with the things that are going right now." declared student Aubreyanna Edwards. "This march is to show that us here in Milwaukee, at the Job Corps Center, are here to help and support  the cause of non violence and peace. Yes!"

The program began at 9 a.m. with the student and staff joining the Milwaukee Police Department 's District 4 officers  and other community members for the march from the Milwaukee Job Corps Center through the surrounding community.  After the march the center held a cook-out style lunch. 

Special guest speaker was Deonte Lewis, non-violence coordinator for the City of Milwaukee.  

Following the assembly the center held a "field day" for the students.  

"Y2Y," as they call it, is a violence-prevention initiative completely created by and led by Job Corps students nationwide.

The students' vision for the initiative is to create a space where peers can come together to talk about violence and aggression in our communities, empower one another to prevent violence, share stories.

"The coming together of the student community to lend their support through Y2Y is indispensable… and inspiring," said Job Corps National Director Lenita Jacobs-Simmons. "Administrators can reform policies and procedures, but only students can spark a movement. And that's what they're doing."

Job Corps is committed to being a safe and secure environment for young people to receive education and hands-on career training. It has designated the week of Sep. 21-23 as Youth2Youth Week, an occasion for students to reach out to their communities with their message. 

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