42 Percent of Wisconsinites Struggle to Support Themselves

The United Way just released a study on poverty and how those just above the poverty level in Wisconsin continue to struggle. 
The report focuses on the ALICE threshold, or Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. Those who generally earn incomes above the federal poverty level but struggling to meet basic needs. 

The report identifies 289,209 households in the sate with income below the FPL but also has 670,922 ALICE households, which have income above the FPL but below the ALICE threshold. In total 960,131 households in Wisconsin - fully 42 percent are struggling to support themselves. 

The state's economy is now more dependent on low-paying service jobs than on higher-skilled and higher-paying jobs. 
In Wisconsin a single adult needs to make $23,196 a year to meet basic household expenses. For a family of four that number is $54,804 a year.  
Despite the recession and the low inflation the cost of basic housing, child care, transportation, food and health care in the state increased by 14-percent since 2007. 
The report concludes with 65-percent of Wisconsin jobs paying only $20 per hour or less.. Wisconsin needs more income opportunities, more affordable housing and improved economy. 

Link to the study: http://bit.ly/2cqOFWV

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