400 Workers, 40 Cameras Present at Thursday Night Football

GREENWOOD, Wis. (WSAW) -- There is a lot of work that goes into broadcasting an NFL Thursday Night Football game.The production value of a NFL telecast has come along way.

The crew at CBS uses more than 400 people to bring the game into your home.

"Well when we come into town for a Thursday night game it is like doing a mini Superbowl in a lot of ways. We have close to 40 cameras,” explained Lance Barrow of CBS Sports.

All those cameras have to be set up before game day, which means running cables from the “compound”... as they call it, into Lambeau Field to provide power to all the equipment in the stadium.

Even more cables are sending the video and audio back to the truck.
And the broadcast isn't just important to viewers at home, it's important to the actual game.

Coach McCarthy will rely on those multiple camera angles to decide whether to challenge a close play. And then referees will decided if there is indisputable evidence to overturn a call.

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