35% Reduction in Robberies Since Marquette University's Police Departments Transition

Marquette University’s Police Department celebrated its one year anniversary.

Chief Paul Mascari said since transitioning to a commissioned police department here at Marquette, there's been a 35 percent reduction in robberies.

The chief told CBS 58 his department is focused on pedestrian safety and traffic enforcement in a way the university hasn't been able to in the past.

What's more, the chief believes that simply having a visible police presence helps to deter would-be criminals from the area.

With one year under his belt, we asked the chief his goals for the future.

“Definitely more proactive. Start to see how we can provide services in a more innovative way. Um ya know our relationship with the community, we want to continue to focus on that. That was something we've always been very good at as a Dept of public safety. It was our focus this past year and it's going to continue to be our focus going forward,” said Chief Paul Mascari.

Marquette is the first private university in Wisconsin to have its own police department.

The chief said that's one thing that has the made the past year historic for the his department and the university.

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