3-year-old raises money to make goody bags for officers in Racine County

Victor is just 3-years-old and already doing good deeds for others! The toddler is raising money so that he can make goody bags for police officers in Racine County.

On Wednesday, he stopped by the Racine Police Department to drop off his "survival bags: for officers. The bags contained things such as lifesavers, smarties, Hershey kisses, and gum. All of these items had a special meaning behind them. 

Officers with the Racine Police Department, Mount Plesant Police Department, and the Mount Plesant K-9 unit showed up to surprise Victor!

In a Facebook post from the Mt. Pleasant Police K-9 Unit, they stated, "As excited as Victor was to see them arrive at his house, it makes us officers even happier to know we are making a difference. Thanks, Victor!!"

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