Wauwatosa police: 3 total arrests made in connection to shooting at Mayfair Mall

Wauwatosa police: 3 total arrests made in connection to shooting at Mayfair Mall

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A 15-year-old boy is in custody, accused of shooting eight people at Mayfair Mall Friday, Nov. 20. 

Wauwatosa police said the 15-year-old suspect was arrested Saturday, Nov. 21 after a traffic stop was conducted in Milwaukee. The suspected weapon was recovered in the vehicle. 

Three total arrests were made in connection to the shooting: the suspected shooter, another individual believed to be involved in the incident, and a passenger in the vehicle at the time of suspected shooter’s arrest.

One of the victims shared his story with CBS 58 News, describing a chaotic scene and people running everywhere. 

"I was with a customer and I heard the noise," Ikram Arshad said, working near Macy's at time of shooting. 

Ikram Arshad said he was shot twice in the right leg. 

"I was trying to hide on the other side, there were like four or five people who were injured after that I tried to run," said Arshad. 

He said his customer was also shot. 

"Yes. She got shot. She got shot on her neck also," said Arshad. 

Arshad was eventually able to call security and get help from a paramedic. 

"They treated me there. They got one bullet out," said Arshad. 

The teen suspect is expected to have a hearing in Milwaukee County children's court next week. There's no word on if he'll be charged as an adult. 

"The prosecutor's going to have to make a decision. Although waiving a juvenile into adult court can be done in a case such as this where someone is over the age of 15, a petition can be initiated by the DA, the juvenile himself or herself, or the court," said attorney Ronald J. Sonderhouse, with Wolff and Sonderhouse. 

Attorney Ron Sonderhouse, who is not involved with the case, says there are various factors that will be looked at. 

"They look at the personality of the juvenile, they look at his mental status and developmental disability, if any, the physical and emotional maturity," said Sonderhouse, "Developmental maturity, the juvenile’s pattern of living, prior treatment history, the potential for responding to future treatment, and any prior record. Whether or not the court has previously waived jurisdiction in the past, previous convictions for any delinquent activity in the past, child’s motives and attitudes and any prior offenses."

Ramsha Mughal was at the mall with her 11-year-old sister when the shooting happened. 

"I could hear them yelling, 'Seek cover, seek cover. Get out of the mall, get out of the mall,' she said, "I ran, I couldn’t find my sister, the panic, it was so traumatizing."

"It was screaming cries everywhere," Mughal said. "I saw this woman she had two kids, she was running. She held one close to her chest and she was practically dragging the other as she was running out of the mall." 

She was not shot, but Mughal said those who made it out without being shot are victims too. 

"It will take a lot of time for us to get through this," Mughal said. 

Arshad said he'd like there to be more security at Mayfair Mall, like metal detectors. 

In a statement, Brookfield Properties said:

"Our team has been working around the clock to ensure we are providing an environment where our tenants and guests can once again feel comfortable. This is our primary focus. We continue to be grateful to our partners at the Wauwatosa Police Department and commend them on their successful investigation. While we do not publicly disclose details of our security programs, we have made enhancements to our protocols, which includes an increased security presence and additional WPD officers on-site."

Investigators are working with the DA’s Office regarding charging for all of the people arrested. 

Police said they don't know yet if the shooting was gang-related. 

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