22-year-old dead after shooting in Milwaukee's north side

A man is killed after a house party in Milwaukee's north side. The shooting happened Sunday this morning.

I love Milwaukee, but the violence, it's everywhere. It's hard to get away from," said Denise Burnham.

Burnham went to check up on her sister after she heard there was a shooting near her sister's home.

"It was kind of scary, said Burnham's sister Debra Jordan.

Police say the shooting happened Sunday around 3:15 a.m. on the 5100 block of North Sherman.

The 22-year-old victim was leaving a house party when he was shot and killed.

Police immediately blocked off the street, forcing many to stay inside.

"I wanted to go to church but the it (the caution tape) said do not cross. They even had it across the street and everything," said Jordan.

Angel Jones also lives on the block where the shooting happened.

She moved to Milwaukee from Madison about a year ago and she's ready to leave.

"I don't like the atmosphere for my kids," said Jones.

She didn't see the aftermath of the shooting because she works overnight, but the news shocked her.

"I have three kids and I don't even want them playing outside now because they might accidentally get shot," said Jones.

Police tell us a 26-year-old was also shot. He's in the hospital with serious injuries. Police have not released the victim's name.

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