'2020 has been a year': Wauwatosa family creates dumpster fire display in front yard

NOW: ’2020 has been a year’: Wauwatosa family creates dumpster fire display in front yard

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) – A Wauwatosa family isn’t holding back how they feel about 2020.

"2020 has been a year so why not take advantage of the dumpster in your front yard and make it even better," Jessica Taylor said.

A renovation is underway at Taylor’s home, so a dumpster was put in the front yard. The display started as a joke between Taylor and a friend.

"I had put the red bows on my porch and a friend of mine texted me on Friday afternoon and said cute red bows," she said. "Then we started making jokes about maybe I should put some garland on the dumpster and then it kind of snowballed into ‘oh we could really do something funny’."

Taylor and her neighbor got to thinking and decided to make it into a dumpster fire. The neighbor made the sign, which they put up on Saturday, November 21.

“People have stopped by and said, ‘Oh that’s so awesome!’, I see people taking pictures of it all the time,” Taylor said. “Just one of those things that came together and made people laugh.”

Taylor said they plan on keeping the sign up as long as it lasts.

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