2020 DNC committee officials begin planning

NOW: 2020 DNC committee officials begin planning

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're nearly a year away from the 2020 DNC here in Milwaukee, but officials are already planning all the logistics of the event.

Joe Solmonese is the CEO of the DNC committee and is tasked with managing the planning and logistics of the convention.

He says his goal is to carry out a convention that is transparent, respectful, and inclusive.

"Planning this convention is going to be a daunting task," Solmonese said.

But it's a task he says he's up for. The Chief Executive of the DNC committee discussed his role at a Milwaukee Press Club panel. Solmonese says one of the top priorities is security for the convention. 

"That is one of the first things that we are doing -- making sure that we are way ahead of the curve on both things like physical security, but also things like cyber security," he said.

He added that communication with local businesses and organizations is critical to making sure things go smoothly.

"Whether it's logistical things that we can get out to the community and mapping out and bringing that to the community as quickly as possible...we really map that sort of schedule in a way to do it in a meaningful way as well."

But Solmonese won't be alone. He's in the process of assembling other key parts of the convention team.

"Excitement is definitely the right word," he said. "I'm so excited for this opportunity for so many reasons."

Liz Gilbert is the president of the 2020 host committee of DNC. Her primary focus will be on the fundraising effort for the convention -- a challenge she says she's well prepared for. 

"It is working with local stakeholders to make the most out of this opportunity, which is an incredible honor and truly a privilege to have been given the opportunity to take this on," Gilbert said.

Gilbert officially begins her role in July. More officials will join various convention teams later this summer.

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