20 Red Flags of Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse

A window display titled “hidden in plain sight" is giving parents an inside look at some of the everyday items that may serve as a sign that teens are using drugs.

The display looks just like a teen's bedroom, with things we find around the house. But those same items also maybe signs your teen maybe using drugs.

This a project put together by the Waukesha County Drug Free Communities Coalition and Your Choice.

Their goal is to show parents the signs of drug or alcohol use with everyday items.

There are more than 20 red flags in this display that suggest drug or alcohol use, and it's not all things you may think of.

For example, teens may use household items like air fresheners or incense, even mint to hide the smell of marijuana or tobacco use.

Rolled up dollar bills, cd case, and pens with the ink removed can be used as hiding spots for prescription drugs.

And bent paper clips, small cotton balls, along with spoons can be signs someone is using heroin.      

The coalition says it's those everyday items you probably don't give a second thought about, that maybe the biggest sign of drug abuse.

"Part of being a good parent is really keeping a watchful eye over your son or daughter. And being observant. Many parents tell us they had no idea their son or daughter was drinking alcohol, or smoking marijuana, or prescription drugs," explained Larry Nelson, co-chair of Waukesha County Drug Free Communities Coalition. 

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