2 teens arrested after stealing, crashing car in Glendale

NOW: 2 teens arrested after stealing, crashing car in Glendale


GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Glendale police say two teenagers were arrested after stealing a car and crashing it Thursday night, Nov. 18.

A release from police states it all began in the area of Port Washington Road and W. Silver Spring Drive when officers located a stolen vehicle involved in two other attempted vehicle thefts.

Police tried to pull the vehicle over but the vehicle fled. Stop sticks were successfully deployed. The driver of the fleeing vehicle then drove east in the westbound lanes of W. Silver Spring Drive. The driver went the wrong way onto the westbound Silver Spring off ramp of I-43. Squads did not pursue onto the off ramp but saw the fleeing vehicle strike another vehicle which was exiting on the off ramp at the time.

The two occupants inside the stolen vehicle were arrested and taken into custody. The driver was a 14-year-old male and was arrested after fleeing the scene on foot. The teenage passenger was also taken into custody. Neither was injured. Police say charges of recklessly endangering safety, fleeing, and operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent will be sought against the driver.

The occupants of the vehicle struck by the juveniles were evaluated by the North Shore Fire Department.

CBS 58 spoke with North Shore Fire Battalion Chief Dan Tyk about these types of reckless driving incidents.

Crashes that we would normally see on a freeway at freeway speeds, we are seeing on places that aren't a freeway and aren't a highway.

"There are no known injuries at this time and no one was transported for medical treatment. The increase in vehicle crashes we are seeing, we are seeing a pretty significant increase in traumatic injuries as well," said Tyk.

Tyk says his crews respond to a number of situations and it's never easy to see teens involved.

"Seeing young people is challenging. Many of our providers are parents or grandparents. And to show up and the first thing you see in your mind is your own kids in some cases," Tyk explained.

Tyk said there's one simple action folks can do to prevent serious injury on the roads.

"Whether you are the person driving the car that causes the crash, or the innocent bystander when you stop or get in that car, put that seatbelt on," said Tyk.

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