2 officers shot responding to call at Radisson Hotel in Wauwatosa

NOW: 2 officers shot responding to call at Radisson Hotel in Wauwatosa

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Two Wauwatosa police officers were shot while responding to a call Saturday night, Nov. 6.

Police were called to the Radisson Hotel, located at 2303 North Mayfair Road, just after 10:30 p.m.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with several witnesses and guests who advised the initial shots came from the second floor.

Wauwatosa police say that as officers began to check that floor, a suspect fired at officers.

Two officers were reportedly struck as a result of the shooting and sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Officials say they were taken to the hospital for medical treatment and are in stable condition.

Police report that a suspect related to the incident was located and arrested.

An extensive search of the hotel was conducted by additional responding officers and no other injuries were reported.

There is reportedly no known threat to the public.

Guests who stayed overnight at the hotel told CBS 58 that they are shaken up by the incident.

Many of the guests said they weren't able to sleep afterward and weren't expecting their stay to end up like this.

"We were sleeping, to be honest, and next thing you know, the alarm went off. We thought it was a fire alarm so we checked in the hallway to see if anybody was leaving but nobody was leaving. Then we go down to the lobby. They said it's a commotion going on. They didn't tell us what was happening or what was going on, they just said stay in the room. We looked out the windows and police were surrounding the building and all types of stuff so I stayed in the room," said an individual named Trey.

Trey and his girlfriend were one of many guests who were awakened to gunshots and an alarm when police were called to the hotel Saturday night.

"It was just like a big old Christmas tree with police lights everywhere," said Bobby Griffin, an employee at the Denny's down the street from the hotel.

Griffin said he was alarmed when police came into Denny's Saturday night asking them to use their parking lot to station the Incident Command Post vehicle.

"We was all shocked because this is Wauwatosa. Besides a few things in the past that happen, we weren't expecting that. It didn't make no sense. I hope they (the police) are alright. That's just crazy, what is Milwaukee coming to?" said Griffin.

Mayfair Road reopened to the public at around 5:20 a.m. Sunday after being closed off the majority of the night.

Some doors on the second floor of the hotel were reportedly rammed open by police.

Witnesses told CBS 58 they heard a series of bangs and shortly after saw an active scene outside of the hotel.

"They didn't tell us what was happening or what was going on. They just said stay in the room. If something is happening in the building and you got people staying here, you're supposed to let them know what's going on. Especially if two officers got shot and gunshots are going on you're suppose to let everybody know," said Trey.

Police say this incident is an active and ongoing investigation.

The Milwaukee Area Investigative Team (MAIT) was reportedly activated to handle the investigation.

Multiple guests left the hotel Sunday morning as the State's Department of Justice Crime Scene Response Team was still on scene.

Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride released a statement on the shooting Sunday.

"I am grateful for the courage and dedication of the Wauwatosa police officers who were injured in the line of duty last night. I know the entire community joins me in condemning this senseless violence and in wishing our officers a swift recovery” said McBride.

If you have information about the shooting, please contact the Wauwatosa Police Department Investigative Division at 414-471-8430.

Wauwatosa police announced Sunday they will have an update on the incident Monday, Nov. 8.

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