14th Person Sentenced Following Three Year Investigation Into Meth Trafficking From Minnesota to Wisconsin

WISCONSIN - The 14th defendant has been sentenced in a 127 pound Minnesota to Wisconsin Methamphetamine conspiracy. 

A United States Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin announced today the results of the three-year-investigation by law enforcement into the large-scale trafficking of meth in central Wisconsin. To date, 19 people have pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Madison to conspiring to distribute meth. Of these 19 defendants, 14 have been sentenced, with the remaining five set to be sentenced in the next sixty days.

The methamphetamine came from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. It was distributed by an organized network of drug wholesalers and retailers in central Wisconsin. The meth was sold in Wisconsin communities large and small including Wausau, Merrill, Medford, Eau Claire, and several others. 

The marketing plan of the organization was to flood these communities with inexpensive, pure, and plentiful meth, in an effort to create more addicts and therefore more customers. 

The 19 defendants charged included Joe Kujawa who was the source of supply in Minneapolis, David Vance-Bryan, Mike Kjonaas who was a driver that transported the meth from Minnesota to Wisconsin, and several others who were the main wholesalers in Wisconsin as well as customers who were second-level distributors. 

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