14-year-old Milwaukee injured by driver and the driver kept going

A Milwaukee mother reaches out CBS 58 after her daughter was hit by a pick-up truck, and the driver kept going.

14-year-old Miracle Martin is home from the hospital, after she says a driver in a black pick-up truck struck her Monday morning at the corner of 60th Street and Mill Road.

\"And he just kept going\", said Miracle Martin.

Martin told CBS 58 she was standing at the corner waiting for the school bus when the driver made a right turn at a fast speed, and struck her.

\"He looked like he was in his 40's”, said Martin. “He didn't have much hair, and his hair was black.\"

CBS 58 also spoke with the girl's mother, Barbara Green regarding the incident.

\"He knows he hit her because the car behind him rolled down her window, and asked her did that car just hit you, and she was like yeah”, said Barbara Green. “And I'm kind of upset nobody else stopped to make sure she was alright. I can't say if the woman came back because we had already come to pick her up.\"

Green and her daughter hope the driver will turn himself in.

\"It makes me mad they didn't stop\", said Martin.

Martin's left arm has a deep contusion and her right arm requires a sling for the time being.

If you were driving in the area of 60th Street and Mill Road Monday and witnessed the hit and run crash, call the Milwaukee police department at 414-933-4444.

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