13-Year-Old Caught Throwing Rocks at Officer and Washington County Courthouse

A 13-year-old girl in West Bend was caught throwing rocks at an officer and the Washington County Courthouse.

According to West Bend Police, the incident occurred on Tuesday at 8:25 PM.

Parents called West Bend Police to report their 13 year old daughter missing.

While an officer was responding to meet with the parent, the officer observed the 13 year old girl throwing rocks at the glass doors of the Washington County Courthouse.

The Officer stopped and when he attempted to talk to the girl she threw a rock at him.

The rock missed striking the officer.

The girl then threw another rock at the doors of the building. The officer took the 13 year old girl into custody for Criminal Damage to Property and Violation of Non-Secure Order due to restrictions placed on her from previous criminal violations.

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