102 Salt Trucks Work The Roads During Winter Blast

Salt trucks in Milwaukee County have been working throughout the night as a winter blast hit Southeast Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Department of Public Works told CBS 58 that 102 salt trucks have been on the roads since 11 p.m. Monday night.

Officials say the trucks started treating side streets first, using the salt and sand mixture. After that, crews moved to the main roads just in time for the morning commute. DPW says it only uses salt on the main roads.

DPW is responsible for 7,000 miles of road in Milwaukee. It takes eight hours to pre-treat them, and once the snow stops falling, it takes another 18 to 24 hours for workers to plow all of them.

Officials say trucks have to go up and down a street at least four times to clear snow from curb to curb.

If possible, the city advises residents to wait to shovel their driveways and sidewalks until after the city has finished plowing their street.
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