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100 pet owners line up to get parvo virus vaccination after 5 dogs die

In Racine County, pet owners are heeding a warning from the Wisconsin Humane Society after five dogs died from the same virus in the last week

The Racine campus of the Wisconsin Humane Society held a vaccination clinic Thursday which was packed. The clinics happen every few weeks, but about 100 pet owners made their way to the clinic for Thursday with the first people arriving around 7:30 AM.

The vaccinations are for the parvo virus which is a deadly virus that is difficult to treat but preventable with shots.

Pet owners Thursday told us they didn't mind waiting in long lines to protect their pets.

Angela Speed with the Wisconsin Humane Society says she's happy to see such a good turnout, because of how dangerous the virus is, "These dogs came from different parts of the Racine community. And the virus is virtually indestructible. It can survive Wisconsin winters on the sidewalk. If a dog ingests even a small amount of fecal material, they can easily contract the virus."

There are three more vaccination clinics happening in Racine County throughout the rest of the month.

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