'It was scary': Shooting in Kenosha neighborhood on Fourth of July leaves neighbors shaken up

’It was scary’: Shooting in Kenosha neighborhood on Fourth of July leaves neighbors shaken up

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) - A deadly shooting on the Fourth of July on a neighborhood street in Kenosha has residents shaken up.

Kenosha police say one person is dead and four others are injured -- two of them with serious injuries. It happened near 63rd St. and 25th Avenue. Police have identified the individual killed as 20-year-old Anderail Armstrong. 

"I said this ain't right. It is ruined the night. And what if my kids were coming home right now? Innocent people could have lost their lives over some dumb stuff," Kelly Ingram said.

Police arrived to what was called a "chaotic scene" around 10:20 p.m. Monday. Bullet holes and police tape can still be seen in front of the house where the shooting started. Broken glass from car windows is also all over the street.

"The fireworks were going off. Me and the neighbor kids were watching fireworks and went in the house and all of a sudden there's a gun fight in my front yard," Ingram said. "I personally heard 18-20 gunshots."

Police are still searching for suspects and a motive to the shooting. The age of the victims is also unknown at this time.

"It was actually across my driveway, which was really frightening."

Sherry Hammermiller was also home when it happened.

"It was really scary, just because nothing like this has ever happened. I lived here 10 years, never had any issues here," Hammermiller said.

She said it's unnerving this happened on the Fourth of July, especially when people were out celebrating.

"Hopefully they'll get caught and I can feel a little safer in my neighborhood," she said.

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