Youth football team heartbroken thieves steal trailer full of equipment

You can still hear the pain in Leonard Goudy's voice.

\"I died. I literally cried,\" he said. \"They came onto my property and cut the pad lock.\"

It was the pad lock to a trailer that had $25,000 worth of football equipment inside. All of it, said the assistant coach, the Buccaneers youth team raised money to get.

\"Helmets, about 90 helmets, shoulder pads, jersey's for the kids to wear over their shoulder pads,\" he said.

\"It took us two years to pay the trailer off. We just paid the trailer off,\" said Michael Galloway, head coach. \"This is like a death. I'm at work and I can't even work.\"

\"We're going to press forward,\" said Earl Ingram Jr., president of the Neighborhood Children's Sports League. \"We're going to find a way to do it, we always have.\"

The Buccaneers are part of a larger family called the Neighborhood Children's Sports League (NCSL). The 57-year-old non profit is dedicated to instilling discipline, direction and guidance to hundreds of inner city youth.

\"So many of our young people grow up in bad conditions that what we do, is give them an opportunity to escape, escape the reality of what they go through on a daily basis,\" Ingram said.

Overcoming this unexpected obstacle will take teamwork and with practice two weeks away, coaches have this message for those responsible.

\"Why you going to do the kids like that?\" said Galloway. \"If you got it just give it back to us, just give us back our stuff. That's all we want is our stuff.\"

The team has no idea how it's going to replace the stolen equipment. If you'd like to help, call Earl Ingram at the NCSL at (414) 445-4150. You can also donate at

If you have any information to solve this case, please call Milwaukee police.

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