Youth Courthouse Day in Milwaukee

At a time when so many are lamenting too many young people caught up in the justice system, County Supervisor Sequanna hosted several high school students to a full day of touring at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

\"Youth courthouse day will inspire students to make good choices, stay in school, and pursue higher education so that the best possible opportunities are open to them,\" said Supervisor Sequanna Taylor, who has been developing the initiative since she took office in April 2016.

About 40 students from Assata, South Division, Congress, Holy Redeemer, and Transition High Schools are taking part.

From visits with the  Clerk of Courts, the Superintendent of Children's Court, and the Chief Judge, they'll get a full perspective on the possible career options.

The day will also include a visit to the intake room and evidence room in the safety building. 

\"Most of the time when they're in an environment  think it's in the negative,\" Supervisor Taylor told CBS 58 News. \"I'm saying I would like them to come in for a positive.\"

The day also includes a mock trial with students taking turns acting out the roles of attorneys, judge, and courtroom staff. 

They'll also get the chance to tour the chambers of the Milwaukee County Board.

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