Annual "REALTORS Home & Garden Show" arrives for the first weekend in spring

NOW: Annual “REALTORS Home & Garden Show“ arrives for the first weekend in spring

(West Allis)--After a very long winter, your poor home probably needs some tending to both on the inside and outside.  The 95th "REALTORS Home & Garden Show" can probably help.  It's the nation’s longest-running home improvement event of its kind, and it begins today at State Fair Park. It’s a great way to get some tips and trends in landscaping, home improvement, DIY projects, and even cooking demonstrations. Eco-friendly gardening ideas are popular among attendees. No matter how you look at it, the event is a way to turn a dream space into a reality.

The Home & Garden show will actually run for the next nine days. It’s closed Monday and Tuesday though. All the details on the show can be found right here.

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