You have the time. Start to work on your yard & garden for the season

Menomonee Falls (CBS 58)--This is the time of year the neighborhood lawn warriors start to appear after a long winter.  And the fact many garden centers are currently closed makes it a bit more challenging.  But the folks from David J. Frank Landscape say there are few things you can do right now to start getting your yard looking the best for spring.  You want to rake away all the dead winter brush followed by aerating and overseeding.  And while the tendency is to mow aggressively for the first cut, don't do it.  Director of Sales, Randy Hill, says to keep it up 2.5 inches in height.  He says you have plenty of time to cut it "short" during the warmer months.

Also important this time of year, fertilize your grass with a crabgrass preventer in it. Also, the experts say to cut all the deadwood in your flower beds and don't overdo it with the mulch.  Just a few inches.  Otherwise you could end up killing your plants.  For more yard and gardening advice, click here.

Don't forget your yard calendar either to help you.

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