Yorkie with Cushing's Needs Home

MILWAUKEE - Skippy Roo is a sweet 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Milwaukee Campus in desperate need of a new home as quickly as possible.  You wouldn’t know it by her peppy personality, but baseline bloodwork suggests Skippy Roo has a high likelihood of Cushing’s disease. 

Cushing’s is an endocrine disease that results in excess cortisone production and can lead to increased thirst and urination, increased panting, loss of hair, and darkening/thickening of the skin, among other symptoms. Though some dogs with Cushing’s may experience lack of energy, Skippy Roo is the polar opposite; staff members say that she’s a happy, perky, bright little pup who is always on the move. As a result of her suspected condition, it’s really important that Skippy Roo finds a home fast, as she’s more susceptible to infections than other dogs. WHS staff members hope to see her go home before the end of the week. 

There is no definitive treatment for Cushing’s disease, but it can be managed and her guardian will need to be committed to working with a veterinarian to develop a treatment plan. She has no age restrictions for children and she did great in her dog introduction at the shelter. The only requirement WHS is making for her adoption is that any other dogs in her future home *must* be spayed or neutered; Skippy Roo’s condition makes it very risky to spay her right now, so in this very rare instance, she will go home unaltered.

“We’re really hoping that someone sees her story and comes forward to adopt,” said Angela Speed, vice president of communications at WHS. “Skippy Roo has such a sparkling personality and we know that someone needs her as much as she needs them.” 

The WHS Milwaukee Campus is open for adoptions from 12p-8p today. For more information about Skippy Roo, visit http://www.wihumane.org/adopt/animal?id=30436384 or give WHS a call at 414-ANIMALS. Her adoption fee is entirely waived. 

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