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Workers brave cold to get job done

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The work must get done, no matter the conditions.

\"Always being prepared from head to toe.\"

Poli Perez knows how to prepare. 

\"A lot of layers, a lot of layers,\" Perez said.

He was out early Tuesday morning cutting concrete on 75th Street in West Allis. 

Although some people struggle in the cold, he sees it as a challenge some days.

\"It is. As long as you're keeping yourself warm.  It takes longer but as long as your keeping yourself warm you can go through it.\"

For Perez he's bundled from head to toe, but there's one part of his body he can't keep warm.

\"My face. The face I can't cover it because I have to see what I'm doing. Every time you try to cover it, I have a facemask and it gets in the way. I think the face is the hardest.\"

Perez seemingly drew the short straw Tuesday morning.  His company has jobs that keep you inside.

\"The fun ones we fight for. But when we do the ones outside, it's a job we have to do.\"

Nick Frank was outside too.  He took a lunch break to warm up, but says he doesn't get too cold.

\"Normally stay warm doing the work,\" Frank said.

Even still, he empties his drawers at home before coming to work.

\"Ah man, probably two tee-shirts, a long sleeve shirt, a regular coat and a warm coat.  A number of different gloves, keep switching them out from the wet ones to the dry ones. Boots, rubber boots.\"

Frank's job keeps him outside everyday, but he's used to it.

\"Nah it's not bad. It's just another day in the winter.\"

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