Women's Ride at the Milwaukee Rally

NOW: Women’s Ride at the Milwaukee Rally

The Milwaukee Rally Women's Ride had perfect weather Friday for its journey along the Lake Michigan shore, rolling west to the beautiful landscape of Holy Hill.

The ride has one lady rider for each year Harley-Davidson has been making bike.

So this year, the ride was limited to first 113 women who signed up.

"I've only been riding ten years," said Patti Mueller of Hubertus. "This is the highlight to ride with a bunch of women."

From the Harley-Davidson museum, they'll made a pit stop in Germantown and ended in Hartland for some lunch and more laughs.

They were escorted by the Milwaukee Police Department which benefits from the proceeds that will go towards accident scene management.

"So what we're doing is raising money to provide specific motorcycle training with the Milwaukee Police Department," explained Road Captain Vicki Sanfelipo. "We'll start training some cadets in the very near future."

But first it was time for some fun where the roar of an engine is a celebration of sisterhood.

"We're making the total statement that women can ride as good as men," declared Shari Prag of  West Bend who quickly added. "I'm gonna get in trouble for that one."

"It's the sheer joy of the ride," chimed in her friend Patti. "Either you get it or you don't get it."

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