Woman's 70-year-old locks get new life, after unlikely twist

A Wauwatosa woman has an amazing souvenir from the days of World War II, the item now has a special connection to “Locks of Love”

\"It was 1943...\" 

Suzanne Badten's, 83, story begins at a time much different than now.

\"We weren't doing real well at that particular time, and the war was far from certain,\" Badten said. 

In the middle of World War II, Badten was 10-years-old and fiercely patriotic. She was looking for a way to help the troops and the answer was in her long locks.

She recalls, \"they were looking for long blonde hair for bombsights to make the cross hairs.\" 

Bombsights were used to pinpoint targets, the hair was used in that familiar cross in the middle. Except the barber made a mistake, not cutting off enough hair, leaving her locks useless

\"I'm a child of the depression, we never threw anything away.\" 

That is until now. Fast forward to 2015, Badten's golden locks are now silvery gray but she'd kept her childhood hair stored in a box for more than 70 years. It was left in pristine condition, perfect now for the organization \"Locks of Love.\"

\"I guess I felt that it needed to be saved for some worthy use, turns out it was.\" 

Badten took her sentimental tresses, tied neatly with thread and mailed them off. She doesn't know who will get them, but is happy her childhood idea was still useful

\"I hope she enjoys it,\" Badten said. 

Badten's hair will be used as part of a full wig that could take up to five months to create.


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