Woman who left gun in church appears in court

WAUKESHA -- 66-year-old Susan Hitchler, the woman who allegedly left her gun at church, appeared at the Waukesha County Courthouse. She is charged with Negligent Handling of a Weapon.

In March 2014, an employee at Elmbrook Church found Hitchler's loaded gun in the bathroom. There was no safety and a live round in the chamber. Hitchler turned up about 30 minutes later looking for her gun. 

Hitchler's attorney wanted the case dismissed saying there's no proof she created a danger.

Nik Clark of Concealed Carry of Wisconsin told CBS 58 News that he believe the prosecution is political. Clark said he believes Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel, who's also running for Attorney General,  filed the charge because it's an election year.

\"A kid needs to find it (the gun), and fire it for this to be a valid charge and that didn't happen,\" Clark said late Monday night.

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