Woman Tells Dentist She Has Been Held Hostage for 3 Months

The Sheriff’s Office conducted a welfare check of a 37-year-old Town of Barton woman after she attempted to make a dentist appointment. This all started when the Milwaukee Police Dispatch Center contacted West Bend Police who in turn contacted the Sheriff’s Office to investigate this on Monday, October 24th at 4:22 p.m.

A 37-year-old woman sent an email to a dentist office in Milwaukee trying to schedule an appointment as a new patient. She also mentions she has been held against her own will for the past three months.

The dentist office contacted the local authorities.

According to the Washington County Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the woman’s home. She told deputies she was not in any danger and the incident she was referring to occurred 3 years ago.

The woman said she heard from a victim advocate that dentists will sometimes do pro bono or reduced cost work for victims.

The investigating deputy believes the email may have been an attempt to obtain narcotics rather than dental services.

The woman apologized for the misunderstanding and no appointment was made.

The Washington County Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office says, “we do highly advocate good oral hygiene practices to include regularly scheduled visits to one of the many outstanding dentists in Washington County. This is just advice we pass on by word of mouth.”

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