Woman shot after Grafton domestic dispute

 It's something Grafton police say they rarely get calls about: shootings. But investigators worked all through the night, trying to find out what caused a man to shoot a woman after a heated argument. 

\"We typically don't have shootings here. I've been here 22 years and this would be the first person that I know that has been shot,\" said Captain Joseph Gabrish from the Grafton Police Department. 

But neighbors heard something alarming last night.

\"We were laying down and noticed a banging sound,\" said resident Avery Page. 

Grafton police officers were called to the home for a domestic incident.

\"The officers realized the individual had been drinking and was becoming agitated and violent. They tried to negotiate to have him come out of the residence and he would not,\" said Gabrish. 

They called in the Ozaukee SWAT team. Before the SWAT team made it  to the home, the suspect fired shots forcing Grafton police to charge inside, all while dodging bullets. 

\"We have to go in because we know she's in there and we have to protect her and save her life. We're just lucky that none of our officers were shot or killed,\" said Gabrish. 

Police found a 31-year-old woman had been shot in the leg. They say the suspect resisted arrest and only stopped firing when his gun ran out of bullets. Police never returned fire.

The event sent neighbors on high alert in this normally quiet subdivision

 \"I think the loudest that we get here is from the auto place across the street. Very little foot traffic. But nothing like this has ever happened,\" said Page. 

 Police are still investigating but believe the 32-year-old man was high on drugs and alcohol.

\"He may have been delusional. We aren't sure yet. We haven't had a chance to interview him yet. He is in the ICU because of the high level of drugs and intoxicants in his system,\" said Gabrish. 

Grafton PD  says the suspect is facing many charges, including attempted homicide, reckless use of a weapon and possession of drugs. 

They say the victim is in fair condition, recovering in the hospital. Meanwhile neighbors tell us they heard the argument and also hear doors slamming hours before thincidentnt. Grafton police say they have dealt with the suspect in the past.

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