Woman pepper-sprayed, punched; one of three similar attacks, police say

NOW: Woman pepper-sprayed, punched; one of three similar attacks, police say

Three people, attacked in Milwaukee, all with in a span of 30 minutes. The attacks happened on the upper east side during the middle of the afternoon Wednesday.

"Mad as a hornet, face is sore," said Lynn Quirk, who was punched in the face and hit with pepper spray. Police say three teens are the culprits.

Quirk said she noticed the teens in hoodies when she came in to her neighborhood on Cramer near Locust around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. After pulling in to the alley, she saw them together and, out of concern, asked what they were doing. Two of them took off, but the third stayed.

"He sprayed me with his pepper spray," Quirk said. "I turned to look like what are you doing and he sprayed me again to make sure he got my eyes and wound up and popped me right in the nose."

She thinks her truck's horn made the third teen nervous and he took off.

"They must have cut through here, right between these two houses and ran up to Linwood," Quirk said as she pointed out what she thinks was their escape route.

Linwood near Downer is where, police say, a similar punch and pepper spray attack happened 15 minutes later. Fast forward another 15 minutes, and a third identical attack on Kenwood near Lake Park. Police say witnesses saw the teens and followed them until officers arrived and arrested them. The case will be given to the District Attorney.

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