Woman Locks 3 year-old in Car at Ho-Chunk while Gambling

A woman was arrested for allegedly neglecting her child after locking her three year-old daughter in the car while she gambled at Ho-Chunk Gaming in Madison, Saturday night.

According to a Madison Police Incident Report, a concerned person called security at Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison, 4002 Evan Acres Road around 7:00 PM after seeing a little girl alone in a locked SUV.

The witness told security the girl was "bawling her eyes out."

The Madison Police responded and the first officer on the scene could see the 3-year-old was in a car seat, screaming and crying.

Through the window he told her he was a police officer and was going to help her out.

She calmed down and waved at to the police officer through the window, according to the incident report.

A door to the SUV was opened. The girl was placed in the officer's squad car while her mother was paged to respond to the parking lot.

The mother told the officer that she had only been gone 15-minutes.

The officer advised, that based on what the witness observed, it was more like an hour the child was left alone.

The mother, who had been gambling, said she had gone to Ho-Chunk to pick up a friend. 
She went to jail, while a trusted adult picked the girl up and took her home.

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