Milwaukee woman, 78, shares terrifying story of a man breaking in to her home

NOW: Milwaukee woman, 78, shares terrifying story of a man breaking in to her home

A 78-year-old woman says she's still shaken a little more than a week after, she said, a man broke down her door and threatened her life. 

"It's screwed it all up, I've lived in this house since I was 18 years old," the woman said.

It happened at her home on Milwaukee's south side. She didn't want her identity shown, but she said it was something she will never forget. 

"Just busted the doors. He pounded, and pounded, and pounded on these doors, I knew he was going to break in," she said.

The woman said he eventually got in through a side door.

"And I went in to the kitchen and then there he was," the woman said.

While demanding money, she said he smashed her telephones.

"And he said I did this so you can't call nobody, and he said if you do call somebody, I'll be back tonight to kill you," she added.

The woman thinks he's about 30 years old.

"I told him, I said this is terrible, I said you're going to have to stop whatever you're on, I said I know you're drugged up," the woman described.

After it was all over, she realized a jewelry box was missing. Neighbors called police, and officers quickly arrived. Even though her nerves are rattled, she said her faith in God and her 36 children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren are all keeping her strong.

"I'm doing just fine, I'm trying very much to forget this man," she said.

Milwaukee Police did arrest a man on something separate, he was questioned in this break-in and detectives are figuring out if he's connected to it.

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