Witnesses share what they saw during Brown Deer shooting

NOW: Witnesses share what they saw during Brown Deer shooting

BROWN DEER, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Witnesses to the fatal shootings Saturday morning at an apartment complex in Brown Deer say they were caught off guard by what happened.

Two people are dead and two others injured following the shooting at the Park Plaza Apartments. CBS 58 spoke with a woman who lives in the apartments and was in the parking lot at the time the police began responding to the scene.

"I didn't really see because I was getting in my car, but I did her plenty, like I heard gunshots," the woman said, asking to not be identified. "I couldn't see nobody so I just kind of like stayed in my car and that's when I saw the police officer and I'm like, 'Should I? What's going on?' Someone is shooting and I'm like 'Oh my goodness.'"

The woman described the apartment complex as "quiet" and added that nothing major ever takes place in her building. She said she was surprised to hear there was an active shooter in the building.

"I was thinking like, I live here," she said. "This person could be next door to me."

Mark Halbman was working Saturday morning laying salt in the area where the shooting took place. He says once he turned on to N Park Plaza Court, his vehicle was surrounded by police squad cars.

"I just turned down the road and next thing I know, I was right in the middle of it and I got blocked by the squads," Halbman said. "It's crazy here. It's like the wild, wild west."

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