Witness testimonies continue as woman stands trial for 1999 murder

NOW: Witness testimonies continue as woman stands trial for 1999 murder

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58)-- A woman accused of killing her live-in nanny stands trial for the 1999 murder. 

Linda La Roche is facing charges for first-degree intentional homicide and hiding a corpse. 

One of La Roche's ex-husbands, Robert Johnson, took the stand on Wednesday, providing some insight on what life was like when Peggy Johnson lived in their home. 

"She was really part of the family. I mean, she was included in everything we did," Robert Johnson said.

Decades later, La Roche is accused of killing Peggy Johnson, who for years was considered a Jane Doe. 

Robert Johnson said he doesn't remember ever seeing his ex-wife lay hands on or abuse Peggy Johnson.

"Their relationship at times, it was heated," Johnson said. " A lot of constant yelling."

The prosecution asked about the last time Robert Johnson ever saw Peggy Johnson.

"I had come home, and Peggy was laying in the yard. I yelled out, 'Call an ambulance,' and Linda said, 'No, please take the kids. I know what to do for Peggy," Robert Johnson said.

Robert Johnson testified that he took the kids for ice cream. When he came home, he said he saw Peggy Johnson sitting upright in La Roche's car.

He told the prosecution she looked unconscious. He told the defense that he remembered thinking she seemed to be in better condition. 

Robert Johnson said he later asked La Roche where she took Peggy Johnson. He said she told him either to a friend's house or her grandmother's house.

Witness testimonies are expected to continue on Thursday.

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