WisDOT Says Stop When it Comes to "Pokemon Go"

Everyone is getting involved with Pokemon Go!  The "Augmented Reality" game allows players to find, and capture Pokemon in the 'real world'.  The game has been out for a week now and is still one of the most popular apps on both Apple and Android devices.

Now the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is warning drivers about being distracted when it comes to the popular game. 

The WisDOT has digital signs throughout the area that usually display drive times and construction zones but they have gone a step further and put up a message for drivers thinking about playing while driving, “DRIVE NOW, CATCH POKEMON LATER”

This would seem to be common sense to most but when it comes to safety out out on the freeway system you don’t want to take any chances.  Put down the phone and “Catch em All” later! 

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