Wisconsin's statewide mask order is now in effect; protestors, shoppers react

NOW: Wisconsin’s statewide mask order is now in effect; protestors, shoppers react


BROOKFIELD, WIs. (CBS 58) -- Protestors lined Brookfield Square Saturday morning.

Their call: overturn the state’s mask wearing mandate which took effect on the same day as their rally, August 1.

“We believe this is an infringement on our constitutional rights,' said Whitney, an organizer with Wisconsinites Against Mandatory Masks.

The order is meant for indoor and enclosed spaces other than one’s home.

Customers CBS 58 met in this Brookfield shopping center were okay wearing a mask inside.

“I’m all for freedom of choice but sometimes you have to do some things that don’t seem right to you in order to help everybody," Brookfield resident Susan Soerens said.

Most, but not all, shoppers had on face coverings.

And to Milwaukee resident Amy Garcia choice goes both ways.

“If you’re in a large group and you see people wearing masks, obviously it’s their choice so if you do choose, then definitely you need to social distance from other who are choosing and you’re not choosing," Garcia said.

Mask proponents say they are an easy mode of prevention.

But protest organizer, Whitney, believes the governor’s order is more about politics than public health.

“We’re trying to get as many people involved in the legislature, really get a hold of Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald; email, call let their voices be known that they need to step up here and sue Governor Evers over this mandate," she said.

The mask mandate goes through September 28. There’s up to a $200 fine for not complying.

However, in Waukesha County the Sheriff said his office would not enforce it.

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