Wisconsin's Congressional Representatives take in Mueller Report

NOW: Wisconsin’s Congressional Representatives take in Mueller Report

After U.S. Attorney General William Barr set the stage for the release of the Mueller report morning, former Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker said people should be happy it did not declare President Trump colluded with Russia, as a guest on WISN radio.

"Whether you love the president, hate the president, or you're somewhere in between, that should be good news," Walker said.

Sen Ron Johnson, R-WI.  says it's time to put the situation behind us.

"A two year, unbelievable thorough investigation clears the president, hopefully we can move on," Johnson said. "We have enormous challenges facing this nation."

Rep Gwen Moore, D-WI, says Trump is getting off on technicalities, like his staff refusing to influence the investigation when the president asked.

"The president may have saved himself from that very narrow, legalistic framework for obstruction because there are people with some integrity that refused to carry out his orders," Moore said.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin also tweeted that she is still looking through the report, but Trump is not "cleared of wrongdoing."

"It's really Mueller time for the Congress of the United States," Moore said. "Under it's authority to actually get the full context of the Mueller report."

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