Wisconsinites, and visitors, react to new statewide mask mandate

NOW: Wisconsinites, and visitors, react to new statewide mask mandate


LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It’s a mask on, mask off atmosphere around Lake Geneva.

Wisconsin’s mandate goes into effect on Saturday, Aug. 1, but businesses like the Cornerstone Shop already encourage masks.

“Because it makes our guests feel more comfortable and all of our employees are required to wear masks," Cornerstone Shop & Gallery owner Karin Bennett said.

Lake Geneva Mayor Charlene Klein said leaders already recommend face coverings, but city council members voted earlier this week against an official ordinance.

“I love Lake Geneva," said Chicagoan Wendy Lynch. “I’m completely frustrated wearing the mask every day, I gotta say.”

Many tell CBS 58 they want health and safety, but believe in personal and professional autonomy to make it happen.

They want to see a drop in COVID-19 cases, and hope this mandate is worth it.

“Nobody else should be putting somebody else down for the fact of not wearing a mask," said Chad Bauer, a Brookfield, Wisconsin resident.

 “If we do get another spike that’s going to happen again in the future obviously there are more precautions that need to be made," he added.

Mayor Klein also told CBS 58 she is "counting on everyone to be socially courteous and responsible". She said if the state mandate stays in place her city will, of course, follow.

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