Wisconsin Woman Endures Hurricane Matthew

The death toll in Haiti is rising and disease is setting in after hurricane Matthew ripped the coast apart.
One Wisconsin woman was there when it happened. Many parts of Haiti don't have any hospitals and if they do - treatment is expensive.
This woman is part of a group that goes there each year to give medical treatment. They've seen devastation there before. But this time - was different.
Hurricane Matthew leveled much of Haiti's coast. Nearly 1000 people - dead.  Devastation that's not just a distant tragedy to Kathy Spiegelhoff.
"It's heartbreaking to see that these people keep getting knocked down ," says Spiegelhoff.
Shes a nurse and grocery store owner in Burlington, but was in a mountain village in Haiti called La Croix when Matthew hit.
"Friends of the Children", is a group of about 10 doctors and nurses who fly there twice a year and treat sick people, pregnant women and give medical training
This time - they couldn't finish the job - and had to take cover.
" I was laying in bed and could hear tin flying. Hear things hitting the house. All I could think of is if I am this nervous and I am at this cement house, what is happening to the people in the village. They have little huts with tin roofs, some of them have dirt floors. How in the world are they ever going to survive this?" said Spiegelhoff.
La Croix had little damage. However the group had to leave with no supplies and no way to get to the coast to help.
"With heavy hearts we packed up and left hoping other organizations could come," says Spiegelhoff. She says she thinks about what happened, and not being able to help every day.
"To see the power of mother nature and to see how resilient the Haitian people are. The priest said to us. ""This is just a windstorm, it's not an earthquake"". And it kind of put it in perspective, they'll get by. They'll get through this," says Spiegelhoff.
The group plans to go back to Haiti in February. Each trip costs about 25 thousand dollars. To donate, click here.

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