Wisconsin students help boy with disability get around a little easier

SPENCER, Wis. (WSAW) -- A student in Spencer is able to get around a little easier thanks to the help of Spencer School District staff, Northcentral Technical College and his family.

Noel is a student at Spencer Elementary and was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that limits his mobility.

Students made a self-motorized car just for Noel that has unique switches designed to help him get around easier.

"It gives Noel the opportunity to move independently and explore. It really helps prepare him for more advanced mobility such as a power wheelchair later on," said Kristin Jacobson, Assistant Director of Special Education.

It was two years in the making but the idea was built on a concept by Oregon State University called 'Go Baby Go.'

"It's been a pilot project and our hope is to expand the project to other children with similar needs throughout schools within Marathon County," said Principal Jill Schulz.

Schulz said Noel and his new wheels bring smiles to the faces of other students.

"It just lights up students' faces when students see Noel in his car. When they see him it is the best part of his day," Noel's principal Jill Schulz said.

Noel's mom, Tracy Felix, couldn't be more thankful. She said, "He is such an inspiration to everyone around him and he has overcome so much in his life."

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