Wisconsin State Trooper Arrests Woman for Possession of Marijuana

A Wisconsin State Trooper pulled over three women on I-94 in Racine County on Thursday around 4:15 AM.

The trooper said he pulled over the women for not seeing a license plate on the vehicle.

When the trooper approached the vehicle the driver passed the driver license through a small opening in the front passenger window.  The trooper advised her to open the window all the way. When she did open the window all the way, the trooper detected a strong odor of marijuana.

According to the criminal complaint, the driver told the trooper they worked at a strip club and were headed to a different city to visit friends.

Inside the vehicle, the trooper found a long cigar filled with a green leafy substance. During field sobriety test, the driver told the trooper she smoked 5-hours ago. The driver’s breath test was .071.

The driver told police she was “kickin it with 900 people at a gas station” and the marijuana could have belonged to anyone.

One of the women asked the trooper if she could pee on the side of the road, but the trooper told her no and to go sit his squad. After arresting the driver for being in possession of THC and operating without a license, he noticed a wet spot on his squad car seat.

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